Early Entrance to Kindergarten

State of Minnesota regulations mandate that children reaching the age of five on or before September 1 of the school year are eligible for kindergarten. Children reaching the age of five after that date are not eligible for kindergarten until the following September. Exceptions will be considered when a child demonstrates, through assessments, above average social, emotional, physical, and intellectual maturity and the child will be five on or before November 1.
Please follow the steps below to apply for early entrance into kindergarten in School District 197.
1. Verify that your child meets the age requirements (birthday between September 2 and November 1).
2. Submit a request to the principal of the school in the attendance boundary in which your family resides within District 197.  An Application for Early Admission to Kindergarten will be forwarded to you to by the principal once your request is received. Parents/Guardians must return completed application to the principal along with a $50 assessment fee by May 30. If you do not live within the boundaries of School District 197, please complete an Open Enrollment Application (English | Spanish) before contacting a school principal. Open enrolled students will be admitted for early entrance on a space available basis. 
3. Complete Early Childhood Screening
4. Schedule your child's assessment with your principal.

The assessments will be administered by a district team comprised of a kindergarten teacher, an early childhood teacher, a school psychologist, the Gifted and Talented Coordinator, and a building principal. Children will be assessed using the Kindergarten Readiness Test developed by Slosson Educational Publications, INC., work samples, and developmental observations for kindergarten readiness.  At this time, the team will review any independent outside evaluations done at the parents’ expenses, but such assessments are not required.
Following the assessment, written recommendations will be developed by the district team and submitted to the building principal and the Gifted and Talented Coordinator, who will be responsible for notifying parents before July 1. A record of assessments and recommendations will be filed in the student’s cumulative file.
Please note: All early admission placements are subject to available space in the kindergarten classrooms and will be considered probationary for a period of four weeks. During that time the child’s progress and adjustment to Kindergarten will be monitored. Based on this information, if the team recommends the child not continue in Kindergarten, the principal will notify the parents of that decision.